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Silvan Zingg performing for schools

Silvan Zingg gibt Konzerte/Vorträge in den Schulen. Seinen Vortrag heisst "Die Welt des Boogie Woogie und Blues Pianos". 

Successful Israel Tour

Israel Tour 2015. Begin of March Silvan Zingg played a successful 9 concert sold out tour through Israel.

USA concerts 2014

Silvan Zingg performed August 2nd 2014 the Cincy Blues Fest in Cincinnati. After 12 years he was back as headliner of the Festival.

NEW CD "Piano Solo - Live & Studio"

The brandnew Silvan Zingg "Piano Solo - Live & Studio" Album.
1. Chicago Blues*
2. Boogie Impro*
3. Humoresque Boogie 
4. House Rent Party Blues

RSR Radio - Le Journal du samedi 23.11.2013

RSR - le boogie-woogie à la mode helvétique

German Pinetop AWARD 2013 "Boogie Woogie Entertainer"

PINETOP AWARD - Bremen 19.10.2013

"Dancin' The Boogie" videoclip hits 5'000'000 views on YouTube!

The videoclip "Dancin' The Boogie" hits 5'000'000 views on YouTube!

Lecture at the Montreux Jazz Festival 2013

16th July 2013, Montreux.

12th Silvan Zingg International Boogie Woogie Festival (Lugano, 11-14 april 2013)

The Silvan Zingg International Boogie Woogie Festival Switzerland, one of the world’s most significant boogie woogie and piano blues festivals, takes place annualy in Lugano.

New Facebook Silvan Zingg Page

You can follow now Silvan Zingg Boogie Woogie Piano News also on the Facebook Page: